About Us

The old farm lot outside serves as a perfect place for our garden
center.  The old silo hole and cattle waterer are now filled with
blooming annuals and perennials.  We are sure you will enjoy
shopping through the "stalls" filled with home decor, antiques and
other neat wares.  The hay mow that was once filled to the brim
with hay and straw now houses a truly unique gift shop.  

Bryce is a farmer, raised right here in Grandview.  You will see him
daily at the barn doing anything and everything.  He is a jack-of-all
trades who uses his many talents everyday.  

Nicole has a passion for plants, primitives, and pumpkins.  You will
find her tending to all the annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs
outside.  She fills the barn with gifts, antiques, and other fun junk.  
In the fall she is out in the field picking pumpkins, gourds and squash.

Stop by and say hi!  They love meeting new people and sharing
their love for Iowa Agriculture.
Owners: Bryce & Nicole Hoben
Picture taken by: Tammy Slater
Pictures of
our hay
mow gift
New this year at the
barn is their 'little
farmer' Hayden!  
He has his bibs on and
is ready to work.  You
will soon find him
outside picking
pumpkins, watering
plants and helping his
dad in the field.